jueves, 22 de junio de 2017



What a surprise they gave us the teachers bringing us cola-cao!
The beginning of this second unforgettable day began rising and having breakfast. Later we climbed up again to finish cleaning, dressing up ... Just after finishing we went towards Piccadilly Circus, which by the way the shops of M & M and Lego are surprising we recommend you to enter. After these tents we went to Chinatown a small part of Picadilly with a different culture and a slightly weird food but it looked good. Then, on the way we headed to Camden Town, we were watching Camden a little and we went to eat, the group split in two, some girls in concrete 4, went to "PIZZA EXPRESS" and the rest of the children went to " FISH & CHIPS, where they met Heliot, a French woman who learned English very fast and had only been in England for 7 months. When we finished doing a little interview we went to the "British Museum", where we did a gymkana that the Teachers put us and would have a group of winners. And to finish this great day we went to dinner and as we said before the group was divided again, several girls went to dinner at "Nando's" and the rest of the group at Mc Donald's, and just finished our hotel "Garden View Hotel ".
It has seemed like a fantastic day and we enjoyed it, it is important to learn new things.
Tomorrow we will continue to enjoy!

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